We manage single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and 2-4 unit residential properties and larger residential buildings upwards of 10 units.

Our average time on market is typically around 18-24 days depending on the price range of the property and a number of other factors. This is not to say that all our properties lease this quickly. If a property has a lack of showings in the first two weeks it almost always means it is priced too high and we need to approach a price reduction. Higher priced properties and unique homes typically take longer to lease. See our 28-day leasing guarantee!

Tenants pay rent directly to Wa We Property Management and the rent goes directly into our secure and insured TRUST bank account. We deduct or management fee and any other property expenses. We then deliver the remainder to your bank account by wire. Tenants can pay rent via our online portal with a bank transfer or credit card payment. There a no tenant fees associated with paying online unless they use a credit card.

We use a number of factors to determine market rents. We conduct our own professional market analysis based on recent rental comparables that have leased and we also use two different paid service providers that allow us to run detailed rental analysis reports. We cross compare all of these reports and come to a fair market rent starting price. Our pricing is a suggestion and not a requirement. If you feel we are being too aggressive we are open to working with your price opinion with the mutual agreement that the rent will be reduced if we have a lack of showings or interest.

Although this sounds like it could work we have found that doing this actually increases the likelihood of less than perfect tenants applying. Here is why. Above market rents typically increases your market time which brings unqualified tenant inquiries. Unqualified tenants seem to believe properties that have been on the market an extended period are more likely to negotiate and accept their circumstance than brand new rentals on the market.

Your rental property will be listed on all of the major rental portals and websites. Not only on Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and Craigslist but over 50 of our local and national rental websites. Let’s face it, having a strong online presence is the #1 marketing tactic for your property. We have this down and we will implement our online marketing strategy on your rental property. As calls come in we take them immediately or they can schedule online a time to view the home.

We always select the tenants for our rental properties. This is in the best interest of the owner. There are very strict Fair Housing Laws in Connecticut with hefty fines and we have found that most owners have no idea how to stay clear of violating these laws. Maybe you want an older couple or a family without kids in your rental. Both of these examples are major Fair Housing Violations. Although you think you are doing the right thing you for your interest you could be putting yourself in a bad position potentially costing you thousands of dollars in costly legal fees. Our process of picking tenants is proven and keeps you clear of any Fair Housing Violations. It’s also best a best practice if you do not know who the tenant is. We can also operate effectively and quickly without needing your approval on all application and leases. Time is money when your rental property is on the market!

Screening our tenants is where we shine. We take a multifaceted approach when conducting our background and credit checks. We partnered with the best and most thorough background check and credit screening company in Connecticut. While most property managers look at application fees as a profit center and try to find the cheapest vendor we got the opposite route and pay 2x’s as much for our background and credit checks. Why? Because you do not want a basic screen and our screenings require much more than just pushing a button and receiving a limited credit report and criminal history report. Being in Connecticut we need to be extremely thorough as most screening companies only go one layer deep while we find issues that other screening companies would never uncover with their limited and basic searches.

When a property is in need of maintenance we will typically receive a notice directly from the tenant via the tenants portal. We will dispatch one of our preferred vendors to complete the maintenance request. Once the maintenance has been completed we reach out to the tenant directly via a phone call to make sure everything went great and they are happy with the repair. We have found that our proactive approach to maintenance keeps our tenants happy and they end up leasing for longer terms.

If a tenant fails to pay rent or needs to be evicted for a plethora of reason we employ one of the top eviction attorneys who handle the eviction process from start to finish. With our Eviction Protection Guarantee, we will cover the cost up to $1000 of the eviction and this usually covers all of the eviction costs.

We take proactive measures and do preventative maintenance walkthroughs to ensure the property is being maintained. We have a rigorous tenant screening process and background check. Our lease is also designed to hold the tenant accountable for damage and poor maintenance of the home.

This is a personal decision that every owner must make. We recommend that owners do allow pets with restrictions of course. Limiting your property to tenants without pets could hurt you financially since the demand for your rental will go down because the pool of prospective tenants will be reduced. 

Yes, we do and liability insurance!

If the tenant wants to break the lease early they can but they will need to pay our leasing fee as well as pay rent until the property is re-rented. We go over this in detail during the lease signing.

We hold the tenant security deposit in our trust bank account. Deposits by law belong to the tenant, not the owner.


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